Monday, 18 May 2015

China is not an enemy..

It's aways believed that china is our enemy and the the same about india is thought in China.but it's nothing but assumption.I am to say this because there was different time and condition of both the nations in that era.both Nehru and Mao were seriously busy in the establishment of economy,administration,judicial institutions in their on countries.none of them was in opinion of war.
Disputes of Tibet was already resolved. but Tibetan people iincluding Lalai lama sheltering in india became cause of concern.India was right on the ground of humanity while for china it was an interference in internal issue and so declared it disobey to PANCHSHIL.then in 1962 War took place. india was not ready therefore paid for it.since then our relation got cold..small disputes and tension are always there.apart from this Chinese iinterest in pakistan is india's difficulty keeping in mind that pakistan has always and ontinuously targeted India.
   We must think of the friendship of Germany and France. they had fought world war but today there is excellent relation between the two countries. Japan and Russia,America and Vietnam are the example before us.the time has come to apply these example.
Today India needs FDI and China is looking for market.both understand the need of each other.Hence positive aspects should be focused. PM's announcing e-visa would let the people of both countries interact one another .it may be a milestone for the two economical powerful and populous nations.

                                                                 Amresh Mishra