Monday, 12 June 2017

DSSSB TGT Computer Science Answer Key Challenge

DSSSB TGT Computer Science Official Answer Key Challenge 

(Set B)

Ans. C

Bit rate is a measure of the number of data bits (that's 0's and 1's) transmitted in one second. A figure of 2400 bits per second means 2400 zeros or ones can be transmitted in one second, hence the abbreviation 'bps'. Baud rate by definition means the number of times a signal in a communications channel changes state

Ans D class mention nahi hai
Default Subnet mask of a class
Class A –
Class B –
Class C –

Ans B
PID of the kernel Process is 0
Usermode me process id 0 hi hoti hai, 1 bhi hoti hai jab system on and off hota hai. But qus me kernel process ke bare me puchha hai jo start hone ke baad user mode me run hota hai. So ans is 0.

Ans C
C me 10-10=0 se divide kiya gya hai jo #divide by zero error dega.
A me if sales is define name then we can calculate.
Ans – B
Let's clarify each option:
1) Structured Query Language - used for communication with databases, and CRUD operations. Triggers are not written in SQL.
2) PL/SQL - language which used in Oracle databases, procedural language which is extension of SQL. PL/SQL has exact block structure which called trigger, which is implicitly started when an INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE statement is issued against an associated table.
3) Java is object oriented, cross-platforming high-level language. You can create some trigger-like stuff in Java, but in general it doesn't have trigger units.
4) Machine language is instructions which are executed directly on CPU for solving specific task.
So, option 2 is exactly matches the answer.
Ans  (B)