Thursday, 1 June 2017

UP Police Computer Operator Computer Science 
Video Lectures Course
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Introduction: - 12 Videos

History, Evolution and Generation of computers, Organisation of Computer system, Hardware, Software, Peripheral Devices, Algorithm, Flowchart and Number System.

Database Management System: 12 Videos
Data organisation, File Management System, Database Concepts, Relational Data Model and Basic Concept of Database, Popular Database Management System- Fox pro and Oracle with SQL etc.

PC Software and Office Automation: -6 VideosOffice System and Procedure, the need for office automation, Electronic Capture, Storage, Graphics and Graphic User Interface, Electronic Data Interchange.

Workplace Productivity Tools: 15 Videos 

Word Processing Tools, Electronic spreadsheets, Electronic presentation tools. Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access), Open Office, Using these tools in English and official Indian languages (Windows, Unix and Unicode Fonts), Exchange of Files across these platforms.

Computer Networks: 10 VideosTypes of networks, Network topology, Risk assessment and security measures and security issues, LAN, MAN, WAN.

The Internet: 6 Videos Working with internet, uses of internet, Search Engines, e-mail, ecommerce, e- banking and e-learning.

Emerging Technologies and Web Publishing:  9 VideosApplication Software, Computer controlled devices, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Computing, Green Computing, Operating System-Windows, Unix/Linux, HTML, JavaScript, Banking and ecommerce application.

Boolean algebra: 8 VideosBoolean operators, Truth Tables, Closure property, Laws of Boolean Algebra, SOS, POS, Karnaugh map, Application of Boolean logic.

Data Structures: 10 VideosOne and two dimensional arrays, Stack and queue.

1000 important Questions Explanation – 12 Videos